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April 18 2013

The Non-Stop Radikal Week is here!

Join the most Radikal week of the year next May! See you in Madrid!


Spring is just around the corner, and that can mean only one thing: players will soon participate in the Non-stop Radikal Week!

From April 29th to May 5th 2013, we will celebrate our most Radikal yearly event at Hotel Auditórium (****), in Madrid. The event will feature hundreds of international players, exciting competitions and much, much more!  With that much opportunity for fun, competitive darting, this truly is the most Radikal Dart Event Ever.

Our main objective is offering our players diversity and games to suit their needs. So that, this 2013 edition, Radikal Darts counts on the participation of two well-known darts associations. Such as the Spanish Darts Federation (FED), the European Darts (ED) and the IV Maestros (organized by Ramón Moneo).

There will also take place our Virtual Darts competitions: the International Radikal Darts Opens (doubles and Individual), as well as the National Radikal Darts Finals of the 501 Individual, the Cricket Individual and the Kers Teams League.

And this year we launch our Radikal Darts Free Games! They are completely free: no registration costs and no pre-inscription! You only have to be registered at our machines and our Radikal Players website to play!

And all this competitions and tournaments with free play machines!

In order to keep you in the loop, you will find the Player Handbook of the Non-Stop Radikal Week'13 at the end of this post. It includes information about the competitions, schedules, timetables and more.

We are excited about this upcoming event, and we encourage you to join in! See you in Madrid!

From now on, we will be posting more details about the Non-Stop Radikal Week on this website, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter profile. Don’t miss a thing!


  • Non-Stop Radikal Week'13 player handbook

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